A medium terrified of ghosts. An empath on the verge of insanity. A spirit hell bent on keeping them apart.

Logan Mitchell is an empath, and while his talent of reading people's emotions has come in handy in the business world, it's about to drive him insane. Literally. His ability triggers unbearable OCD attacks that leave him counting and cleaning until he collapses from exhaustion. If his psychic power doesn't make him crazy, the ghost that's haunting him soon will.

Psychic medium Allison Gray is drawn to Logan the minute she meets him. She shares his empathic abilities, and she can help him control the constant barrage of emotions. But a harrowing incident from her past has left her terrified of spirits, and the ghost in Logan's mansion is doing everything in its power to keep her away.

Logan has given up hope of ever having a normal life, until he meets Allison. But the ghost doesn't want to share him. Even if Allison can overcome her fears, loving Logan will mean risking her life.


What readers are saying:

"Wow! From page one, this fantastic offering from Carrie Pulkinen grabs on and refuses to let go until the end. Fueled by diverse and well-written characters, the plot is engaging and descriptive, keeping the reader hooked. Even the secondary characters are engaging and will have readers wanting more from this talented author. The love scenes are not only hot, there’s an emotional level to them that really brings out the main characters’ feelings and their love for one another. This book is an absolute five-star read and will leave readers going straight for the second book in the series!" ~Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick of InD'tale Magazine

“With a great cast of characters, an addictive story line and a scary ghost, well who can resist!” ~Amazon Customer

“It literally made me cry a couple times because Carrie Pulkinen describes those feelings (mental illness) so accurately! I felt as though I was in the book at times!” ~Amazon Customer

“The Characters are written strongly and are believable in all that they go through, feel and express…  It deals with mature subject matter and is highly compelling.” ~Amazon Customer

“I was captured from the first page of the book and had such a hard time even leaving it to go to bed at night!” ~Amazon Customer


He turned onto East Jefferson Avenue and stopped at a light. A jogger approached on the sidewalk, her gaze trained on the phone attached to her arm. Without even hesitating, she ran smack into his car and bounced off the hood, landing on the pavement.

Holy shit!

He threw it into park and jumped out of the car to help the woman. She was just getting to her feet when he rounded the front of the hood.

“Allison?” His eyes widened. “Are you all right?” Fear shot through his system that she might be badly injured, but his tension eased as she cursed under her breath and dusted off her pants. Her hands and arms were scraped, but she was on her feet and coherent, so she wasn’t hurt too badly.

“Logan?” The surprise on her face dropped into an embarrassed grin. “Yeah, I’m okay. You…hit me with your car?”

He chuckled. “You ran into me, actually. I was stopped at the light. What were you doing?”

She picked a piece of gravel out of her palm and winced.

“Jesus, Allison, you’re bleeding. Here, get in and I’ll drive you home.” He led her to the passenger door and opened it for her.

“I don’t live far. I could walk.” She protested, but she got in the car anyway.

He smiled and shook his head. So much for staying away from Allison. “Where do you live?”

“Just two blocks ahead. The apartments on the right.” She pointed to the complex, and he drove into the parking lot.

“Wow, you didn’t get far, did you?” He put the car in park and killed the engine. They looked at each other, and an awkward silence fell between them.

“Well, thank you for the ride. I better go get cleaned up.” She smiled and hesitated with her hand on the door handle. He could feel the indecision rolling off her again, and he wasn’t about to let her get away this time.

“Can I walk you up?” Without waiting for an answer, he got out of the car and opened her door. “Your hands are pretty scraped up.”

“Yeah. Concrete’s a bitch.”

He laughed and followed her up the stairs. What the hell was he doing? Hadn’t he just decided to leave her alone? He wasn’t good for her. He knew he shouldn’t get involved with her. Not with the visions that haunted his dreams. But right then, the only thing he could focus on was the way those lavender pants hugged her curves as she climbed the steps. Maybe he could spend a little time with her.

“Well, this is it.” She stood by her door and played with her keys, that same indecision swirling around her. She wanted him as much he wanted her, but she hesitated. Clearing her throat, she glanced at the ground before lifting her gaze to his eyes. “Do you want to come in?”

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