The Angel of Death needs to get a life.

Archangel Azrael spends his life around death. As a grief counselor for the deceased, he helps souls accept their fate and transition into the spirit realm, but his job is taking a toll on his own happiness.

At the advice of his therapist, he decides a night out with the living is just what the doctor ordered. To his dismay, it's speed dating night at DeLux Café, and the hosts refuse to let him leave.

Vampire Deirdre moves to LA for a change of scenery and a new flavor of the month. What better way to find Mr. Right Now than at a session of speed dating?

She sets her sights on a sexy dark angel, and he does not disappoint.

Deirdre has always had a hard time keeping her hands to herself, and the wicked sharp scythe glinting in the lamplight--the object he specifically told her not to touch--is just too tempting.

Whoops. Now she's gone from undead to really dead.

Azrael has three days to get Deirdre's soul reconnected with her body, but if she can't get over herself and forgive and forget, she'll be stuck in the spirit realm for good.


Coming June 2022