A Paranormal Romantic Comedy Cover Reveal


I am so excited to share with you the cover for License to Bite: A Paranormal Romantic Comedy! New Orleans Nocturnes is a series of fun, fast, steamy paranormal romantic comedies set in my favorite city in the world!

Because these stories are lighter and more humorous than my usual writing style, I decided to go with illustrated covers to convey the fun, and I am so glad I did. They turned out adorable! Here's the cover for License to Bite:


And here is what the book is about:

Drinking blood sucks.

Governor's daughter Jane Anderson is used to getting what she wants. When a girls' trip to Mardi Gras thrusts her into the arms—and fangs—of New Orleans' hottest vampire, he gifts her with immortality, super strength, and a complexion to die for.

There's only one tiny problem. Jane faints at the sight of blood.

When Ethan Devereaux meets Jane, his cold, lifeless heart learns to beat again. Convinced she's his late fiancée reincarnated, he turns her, claiming her as his own. But when Jane wakes up dead in Ethan's attic, she's loud, obnoxious, and downright ornery. He doesn't know if he should kiss her or stake her, but one thing's for certain…

She is so not his long-lost love.

But Ethan turned her, so he's stuck with her. Jane has three weeks to learn the ways of the vampire and get her license, or she'll be staked. If Ethan can't help her overcome her aversion to blood, his undead life might also be on the line.

Join the supes of New Orleans Nocturnes as they lighten up the darker side of the Big Easy in this fast, steamy romantic comedy.

License to Bite releases March 23, 2020!