People love to claim they're descendants of the witches they couldn't burn. We actually are.

Our ancestors literally could not be set on fire. Neither can we. My sisters and I are elemental witches, and fire is ours to command.

The veil between worlds is thin in Salem, and we belong to the order of witches duty-bound to keep the monsters at bay.

But we've got two problems. One: Our bloodline is cursed. One of us is meant to destroy every witch in our coven. Two: I've accidentally possessed myself with a demon.

And he's not just any demon…he's a Prince of Hell. When I flub, I do it royally.

If I can get him out of my head, he might be able to break my family's curse. The problem is…he might just steal my heart in the process.

Okay, make that three problems.

Collection One Contains the first three books of the Fire Witches of Salem Series:
Chaos and Ash
Commanding Chaos
Claiming Chaos

If you like snarky witches, smoldering demons, and fast-paced action, you'll love this slow-burn urban fantasy romance.

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