The demon is out of my head, but my problems are only beginning.

The veil between worlds is ripping open, and all kinds of nastiness is getting through. Normally, I'd say no problem. It's our job to keep Salem safe.

But I just found out there's a curse on my coven, and the demon I exorcised is the only one who can save us. Well, he and his two brothers, whom we also have to summon. Yay.

As if handling one Prince of Hell isn't enough of a hassle. But if we can't find them, I'm doomed to murder my entire coven.

The danger keeps piling up, people are dying, and we're no closer to ending the curse than we were a month ago.

Oh, and that demon who swears he can help? He's hotter than hellfire and wants to make me his own.

He says I’m the order to his chaos, but we could be a match made in hell.

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