A New Look for the Crescent City Wolf Pack

With the upcoming one year anniversary of the release of Werewolves Only, Book 1 of the Crescent City Wolf Pack Series, I decided to give the entire series a makeover. I love the colors and the darker, more dramatic mood they convey. I feel like they fit the stories better. What do you think?

A Song to Remember: A Crescent City Wolf Pack Novella will be releasing in November, but that's part of a different, multi-author series, so the cover won't quite be the same as these. (I'm not allowed to show you that one yet, so check back in a month or two for the reveal!)

Just in case you aren't familiar with my favorite Wolf Pack, here's a closer look at each cover and the book descriptions:

A psychic detective.
An alpha werewolf.
A forbidden love that could tear the pack apart.

Detective Macey Carpenter has been on the trail of a vicious attacker for weeks. The evidence keeps disappearing, and it seems she'll never solve the case. Finding love is the least of her worries, but she can't deny her attraction to a mysterious man who knows more about the crimes than he should.

A man who may be more than he seems…

When Luke falls head over tail for the feisty human detective, supernatural secrets aren’t the only things at stake.

He has to mate with another werewolf or he’ll sacrifice his position as alpha. But as heat builds between the pair, he discovers Macey has a few secrets of her own.

She may hold the key to ridding New Orleans of its demons…

But his feelings for her will tear his pack apart.

If you like sexy shifters and fated mates, you'll love this thrilling paranormal romance.

Fate has a sick sense of humor.
Especially where love is concerned...

Chase Beauchamp has had a grudge against witches for as long as he can remember. When he’s tasked with investigating a magicless witch who might be to blame for a string of murders in the French Quarter, the wolf in him wants to claim her as his mate.

To his dismay, the man might agree.

But when her secrets are revealed, Chase discovers loving this witch will put his pack and his family in danger.

Rain Connolly will do anything to break the hex that binds her powers and makes her an outcast in the supernatural world. But when fate drops the answer to her prayers into her lap, she can’t help but fall for the sexy werewolf who can end her curse.

The problem is what she needs him to do could cost him his life.

Can a witch and a werewolf overcome their haunted pasts to find love?

Or did fate bind their hearts only to rip them apart?

If you love sexy heroes with soft hearts, you'll love this exciting enemies-to-lovers romance!

Ignorance isn’t always bliss…
Especially when the truth is this dangerous.

New Orleans homicide detective Bryce Samuels would rather save lives than investigate deaths. He earns a promotion allowing him to do just that, but he never thinks the people he’ll be tasked to save will be the ones closest to him.

Until the woman of his dreams shows up on his doorstep, beaten and bruised.

The mysteries surrounding her “accident” will leave him fighting not just for her life, but for his own.

A rogue can’t be expected to settle down, especially with a human cop, who doesn’t know werewolves exist. But that’s exactly what Alexis Gentry’s wolf insists she does from the moment she meets Bryce.

Alexis guards her heart as heavily as her secrets, but as the walls come down, she can’t help but fall for the sexy detective.

Letting him into her supernatural world will endanger his life.

But she soon discovers that what he doesn’t know can hurt him.

If you like a strong female lead, you'll love this thrilling shifter romance.

She pissed off the Voodoo Spirit of Death.
Now she has to make amends…

Death doesn't scare Voodoo practitioner Odette Allemand, but dying sure as hell does. Every time she meets her soulmate, her life ends in a horrific murder.

Then she's reincarnated to have it happen all over again.

Odette is determined to survive this lifetime, but when a sexy werewolf knocks on her door, unearthing emotions she thought she'd buried, her fate is sealed with his enticing kiss.

James Malveaux hasn't seen Odette since junior high, but the moment they reunite, his wolf wants to claim her as his mate.

That's if the monster they've awakened doesn't kill them first.

Without the help of the Spirit of Death, they can kiss their lives goodbye. Can James help Odette make peace with her inner demons and the Spirit? Or will the couple be doomed to the same gruesome ending as their countless lives before?

If you like strong heroines and spooky spirits, you'll love this fast-paced shifter romance!