Mystifying Music

I'm super excited to announce that my upcoming release, A Song to Remember: A Crescent City Wolf Pack Novella, will be a part of a brand new, multi-author series called Mystifying Music! All five books in this exciting series have two things in common: music and magic!

They'll be releasing one week apart, starting on November 12, 2019. My contribution will be available on November 26th, and you can start preordering now! (Amazon links will be added as they become available.)

Diamonds Don't Cry by Dawn Brower

Scarlett Oliver's life hasn't always been easy. Though many believe it has... The lyrics in her songs come from her soul and the music that accompanies them from the world around her. Both help her to get through some of the toughest times in her life. When she was eighteen, she planned to marry her true love--until he abandoned her at the alter and ran away with her best friend. She threw herself into her music and built a career most would envy. Everything seems all right until the only man she loved returns and his very presence might destroy her carefully crafted facade.

Jensen "JD" Drake has always loved Scarlett. His one regret was leaving her behind to pursue his own dreams. He allowed her to believe he cheated on her so it would be easier for him to leave, but no woman has ever held his heart the way she has. Now a starting catcher for the Sparkle City Suns, he's come home and he intends to stake a claim on her heart once again. It won't be easy, but nothing worth having ever is.

Through all the heartache Scarlett never stopped loving JD, but she doubts she can ever trust him again. There is too many years, and uncertainty, between them to go back. Just when she starts to hope, something else threatens to destroy her and she'll need JD more than ever. Healing old wounds might be the salve Scarlett needs to find the strength to survive the upcoming agony awaiting her.

Echos in the Shadows by Elizabeth St. John

Echos in the Shadows is a play off the original Hunting Series by Elizabeth St.John.

Follow the life of Ally and Bowen and discover the struggles they face as the echos of fate bring them together in the second book of the mystifying music collection.

A Song to Remember by Carrie Pulkinen

He's found his fated mate.
If only he could remember her…

When Shane meets Bekah, and his wolf claims her, all the broken pieces of his life finally snap into place. He's ready to settle down, but his witch band mates have fame on their minds and a sinister plan to achieve it.

No werewolf in his right mind would agree to summoning a demon to help them achieve stardom.

And if Shane's not with them, he's a liability…

All single mom Bekah wants from Shane is a one-night-stand with the sexy musician to help find the woman in her she's lost. Though their sizzling chemistry and his promises of tomorrow are enticing, she's not surprised when he ghosts her.

Until he shows up at her café with no idea who she is or how he got there.

Neither can deny their soul-deep connection, but an unknown menace has followed Shane to New Orleans. If he can't recover his memory, his fated mate—and the entire pack—will be in danger.

Can Bekah help Shane remember his past? Or will both their futures be in peril?

If you like hot musicians and fated mates, you'll love this page-turning paranormal romance.

A Satyr for Christmas by Rebekah Lewis

Chastity Michaels doesn't want to review the hottest new rock band, A Mythical Dilemma. When sexy and enigmatic Cyprian Agrios first crosses her path, they clash horribly. They don't have a thing in common, but he becomes a challenge that's all too exciting to ignore, especially when she has nothing else to do during the Christmas holiday.

After Cyprian helped save the world, his human bandmates weren't quite sure what to do with that knowledge. The lead singer quit the band, leaving Cyprian to take over as frontman. A move that launches them from popularity overseas to breakout stardom in the U.S. The problem? His stage "prosthetics" aren't fake at all. He's really a satyr, and the more famous they become, the sooner his secret is bound to come out.

When an explosive accusation threatens to ruin his career a few days before the band's big Christmas performance, Chastity finds herself compelled to help him through the PR nightmare. But does her assistance only make it worse when the gods of Olympus step in?

One Man Band by Shea Brighton

Fear keeps Peyton Rivers rooted to her life in Spring, Texas. She believes music to be her future, but no matter how good she is, it feels like nothing more than a pipedream. Until a psychic gives her the push to audition for the headlining spot at the Spring Holiday Festival, only to realize it was going to be harder than she thought. Then a handsome stranger catches her eye. Something temporary with a stranger can take her mind off the competition, but the man she finds begins to feel anything but short term.

After high school, Tyler Wilcox set out to pursue his dream of making it in country music. Now, over ten years of traveling from small town to small town, the loneliness and never-ending rejections are wearing him down. Landing the coveted spot at the Festival could be his last chance. Maybe this was the break he'd been searching for, but the beauty that enchants him from the first time he lays eyes on her has him thinking different thoughts.

The sparks between Peyton and Tyler burn fast and hot, but what happens if the man she was instantly attracted to grabs hold of her dream? For Tyler, will he finally find success and in the process destroy his opportunity to heal his loneliness?

Are these two musicians doomed to fall out of tune, or can they find their way to the perfect harmony?