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A Deal with Death, Book 4 of the Crescent City Wolf Pack Series is now available!

When researching for this book, I got to delve into the world of Voodoo, and it is a fascinating religion. Weaving it into the magical system of the Crescent City Wolf Pack universe was exciting, and I hope you enjoy the story I created for you!

Here's what readers are saying about the book:

"Dang this was a real eye opener for me regarding voodoo and its religion."

"Now here is a book that will take you on a wild ride!"

"Carrie Pulkinen has done her research on the voodoo culture and it is frightening and addictive to read. The depth of the plot, the difficulties they go through and the love they have will leave you breathless."

"Wow! A Deal with Death was an amazing deliciously hot book!"


Here's what the book is about:


She pissed off the Voodoo Spirit of Death.

Now she has to make amends…

Death doesn't scare Voodoo practitioner Odette Allemand, but dying sure as hell does. Every time she meets her soulmate, her life ends in a horrific murder.

Then she's reincarnated to have it happen all over again.

Odette is determined to survive this lifetime, but when a sexy werewolf knocks on her door, unearthing emotions she thought she'd buried, her fate is sealed with his enticing kiss.

James Malveaux hasn't seen Odette since junior high, but the moment they reunite, his wolf wants to claim her as his mate.

That's if the monster they've awakened doesn't kill them first.

Without the help of the Spirit of Death, they can kiss their lives goodbye. Can James help Odette make peace with her inner demons and the Spirit? Or will the couple be doomed to the same gruesome ending as their countless lives before?

If you like strong heroines and spooky spirits, you'll love this fast-paced shifter romance!

If you like strong heroines and spooky spirits, you'll love this fast-paced shifter romance!

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