11 Greek Gods Inspired Romantic Comedies to Make You Laugh Out Loud


I love hilarious paranormal romantic comedies. Add the Greek gods to the mix, and it's even better! If you like some fabulous laugh out loud moments in your romance, check out the Gods of Thunder MC series!


We may be the Gods of Thunder, but are we ready for the storm of love?

We're the Olympians, but we're so done with Mt Olympus. Done with humans not believing in us. Done with working our asses off only to have our efforts go unnoticed.

Yes, we might have been drunk on Dionysus's wine when we decided to shut everything down, but that doesn't change our decision. It's time to do something for us!

Which is why we've started our own motorcycle club.

Come see what shenanigans we Greek gods are up to in our romantic comedy series!

You Can't Fight Lightning by Lisa Manifold

As the god of the sky, Zeus is used to coming first but he's about to learn the price of true love.

Zeus, God of Thunder, is looking for an adventure. So he opens a map, picks a spot, and rolls off on his custom Fat Boy toward Bisbee, Arizona. He’s heard it’s a cool place for bikers but he wasn’t expecting her. She’s everything he never knew he wanted. And as the king of the gods, he always gets whatever he desires.

Roxy Kincaid is perfectly happy tending bar and minding her own business. She doesn’t have time for all the bikers who arrive at Big Pete’s with a wallet full of a cash and romance on their minds. So when “Z” arrives looking like Motorcycle Barbie’s husband complete with the permatan, amazing hair, and a smile to make her spill her beer, she forces herself to remember why she’s done with men. Been there, done that, got two headstones, thank you very much.

Z has never been made to take no for an answer. Resistance to the god of thunder? Not a thing. But none of his usual charm is enough to break through Roxy’s defenses and Z is learning that Roxy is no ordinary mortal. Determined to show her his feelings are true, Z must access a source of love magic he never thought he’d use… not in a million years.

The universe’s oldest dog is about to learn some new tricks.

If you like stories about second chances at love no matter who you are, you'll love this Greek gods inspired paranormal romantic comedy from USA Today bestselling author Lisa Manifold.

Sign Steal Deliver by Carrie Pulkinen

He may be the god of thieves, but he's not ready for the one who steals his heart.

Calico shifter Kat Gataki has a plan. All she has to do is swipe the key to the underworld so she can get down to Elysium and apologize to her sister for being a royal witch with a capital B.

It should be a piece of cake for a trained cat burglar like herself, but there’s one slight problem. The owner of said key happens to be Hermes…as in…the smoldering hot god from Olympus.

And no one steals from the god of thieves.

That’s what Hermes likes to believe until a trip to Mardi Gras introduces him to the most alluring cat burglar he’s ever seen.

Hermes wastes no time falling head over winged sandals for Kat, but following his heart soon lands him in a mess of trouble that only the Fates could see coming.

Kat has stolen both his key and his heart, and he only has twelve hours to find her. If he fails, they'll both be spending eternity in the underworld.

If you like quirky humor and heroes with heart, you'll love this Greek gods inspired paranormal romantic comedy!

Hell Hath No Fury by Kerri Keberly

He may be the king of hell, but can he take the heat of a match made in heaven?

Hades is the worst at making good choices. After running into a hot-tempered Fury he had a one-night stand with ages ago, his next decision leaves him sweating:

Be the good guy for once, take accountability for his actions, and remain in the friend zone... or act every bit the brooding bad boy the rest of the gods think he is and charm his way into being friends with benefits.

Tired of being stuck in Rage Mode, Megaera left the Underworld hell-bent on saving lives instead of destroying them. And she’s doing just that, until a bar fight brings the dark and brooding bastard who ghosted her into her emergency room.

Furies don’t forgive or forget, and Megaera’s temper flares at the sight of Hades. She quickly decides she will finally have her revenge, but when sparks fly once more, they’re both in for one helluva surprise.

Warrior's Passion by TL Reeve & Michele Ryan

He may be the god of war, but he can't fight his way out of love.

Ares aka Warrick Kemp—PI by day, MMA fighter by night, isn’t looking for anything permanent in his life. He has his sons, Phobos and Deimos, his sister Eris, and his faithful familiar companion Kyon by his side. However, everything else around him has lost its luster, until he meets her—Harlow Black.

Harlow Black has always lived in her brother’s shadow. Since coming to him after divorcing her worthless husband, she convinced herself being single was better than settling. Besides, having her nephew by her side gave her purpose when she needed it most. Yet, when she meets the enigmatic Warrick Kemp, she’s enthralled. He’s all she ever wanted. Not only is he way out of her league, but he’s also Ares the God of War. The one man—God—she’s had a crush on since she was a teenager.

Unfortunately, for Harlow, her world comes crumbling down around her, and this time, Warrick is caught up in her family drama. Will Warrick and Harlow be able to work together to set things right? Or will the Fates make them star-crossed lovers?

Trident True Love by Paisley Tate

He may be the god of the sea, but he can't stop the tidal wave of love.


God of the Sea? Not anymore. Mount Olympus is closed for business. Fine by me. I’ve got a sweet mountaintop hideaway, a vintage bike that roars louder than Apollo on his best day, and I’m Vice President of the Gods of Thunder MC.

All the heartache and frustration I had to deal with as one of the Gods? Gone. Don’t miss it one bit. Most of the time.

I got low. Okay? Whiskey’s great and all. But it doesn’t hold a candle to Dionysius’s wine. Which is also gone. That’s why I was standing at the edge of the cliff staring down at the surf.

And now? There’s a half-drowned, naked woman in my bed who doesn’t know who she is—or that she’s a mermaid. Someone cursed her, and by my Trident, I’m going to find them and bring the pain.

Goodness Gracious, Great God of Fire by Kinsley Adams

He may be the god of fire, but he’s not ready for this kind of heat.


You’d think I’d have planned better. Or seen it coming. I am a matchmaker, after all. But when I find out my fiancé is cheating on me—at the altar of all places—I don’t think. I just run.

Stealing his car and bailing on the wedding sounds like the best option. Until I run out of gas. In the middle of nowhere. In front of a biker bar.

And the burly mechanic who helps me? He’s a rebound. One hundred percent. I don’t care, until he claims he's the Greek god Hephaestus, and I’m a descendant of Pandora, and that my great-times-a-thousand grandmother’s chaos follows me everywhere.

Hilarious, right? Except, it explains so much.


I can fix anything. As the Gods of Thunder MC’s mechanic, my job is to keep everything running smoothly.

When Jeslyn crashes into my quiet, predictable life, she throws smooth out the window. She’s on the run from a cheating fiancé, something I am intimately familiar with.

So, I do what any hot-blooded Greek god would do. Let her hop on the back of my bike and take her on a road trip. Except, I’ve just learned something interesting. Jes is descended from Pandora, and Epimetheus needs her blood to free Pandora’s soul. But Zeus won’t let that happen.

I have to keep her safe. I can fix anything, but even I can’t bring someone back from the dead.

Drunk on Love by Mila Young

He may be the god of indulgence, but can he look beyond his own desires to fulfil hers?

Not His Biker Goddess by Corinne O'Flynn

She may be the goddess of war, but can she handle a fight for her heart?

Athena, Goddess of War, has never been in love, and that’s just fine with her. The logic is clear: love equals drama. She’s perfectly content with her life in the Gods of Thunder Motorcycle Club, just ask her… but then what is this itch she’s feeling? Why can’t she sleep? What is making her so stir-crazy? Athena revs up her Indian Chief and rolls out of town, hoping to calm the fires within.

But driving a vintage bike isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. When her Chief breaks down in the smallest of small towns, Athena discovers there are some things even a goddess can’t find. Vintage part? Get in line. At least the mechanic knows what he’s doing. And that’s the trouble, because now she’s calm and cool. Now she’s sleeping like the dead, if the dead slept with gigantic smiles on their faces.

Malcolm Sova is back after too many tours in Afghanistan. He’s hung up his special forces patch and returned to his first love: anything on two wheels. Nothing makes more sense than fixing and riding motorcycles. But when the raven-haired goddess rolls into town on the sweetest Chief he’s ever seen, he’s faced with a challenge that feels more like a battlefield from his past.

Can two hardened warriors drop their shields long enough to see they’re fighting for the same thing?

Art of the Hunt by Tami Lund

She may be the goddess of the hunt, but this Hunter is more than she bargained for.

Artemis, Goddess of the Hunt, is bored. She’s tired of hanging out at the Gods of Thunder Motorcycle Club, tired of partying with her bestie, tired of everything feeling so very meaningless.

She needs action. She needs to go back to saving the world. So she hops onto her Harley and rides off into the sunset.

She ends up in Chicago, where she helps very, very sexy Detective Hunter James crack a case—not that he’s particularly thrilled by her interference, as he calls it.

That’s okay, he’ll come around.

But when he does, will she be able to handle it? Because Hunter reminds her an awful lot of Orion, her one true love, and she swore two thousand years ago that she’d never go down that road again.

Not even if he is Orion reincarnated.

Dead Ringer For Love by Julia Mills

She may be the Goddess of Love, but this guy’s playin’ her tune.

Endless hours of helping humans find love and happiness as they endlessly droned on about their problems was taking its toll on the Goddess of Love. Hiding among the ‘plebes’ was supposed to be fun. Being part of an MC with her pals from the Parthenon a blast. Talk about drinking the ‘Kool-Aid’ then getting kicked in the teeth. Addie would never listen to another damn thing Zeus had to say. He could pound sand for all she cared.

What she needed was a distraction. What she craved was some good, old fashioned excitement. Hell, she really needed some of the sweet, sweet lovin’ she was always telling her clients to get off their dead butts and find. Like anyone on the God-forsaken rock she was stuck on knew how to scratch her itch. As if!

One too many bad days, two too many hours stuck in a car with her bestie, Medi, and three blocks in the boiling heat of Valentine, TX and all bets were off. If she didn’t get a margarita on the rocks with an extra shot of tequila and salt on the rim in the next four seconds somebody was gonna die.

One hand on the door, one foot over the threshold, and one long look at the guy whose voice was as low and smooth as Apollo’s, and all bets were off. Her heart skipped a beat. Her palms were instantly sweaty. And heaven help the redheaded Goddess, she was in lust with a capital L.

Stuck in the dirtiest bathroom in the great state of Texas, her bestie throwing a hissy fit on the other side of the door, and her pet Cthulhu, Minerva texting 911 there was nothing to do but turn tail and run. Love was for saps. She’d seen it all before. Even caused more amorous calamities than anyone else in this world or any other. Anything involving emotions was best left to the lesser evolved beings. At least they couldn't blow things up with a single thought.

But still…
That man damned sure knew how to fill out a pair of jeans. She needed to get the hell outta Dodge before her libido took over and things got crazy.

Unfortunately, all hell broke loss before she had the chance to hit the dusty trail.

Now, the man who made her think the best of all the naughty thoughts was breathing fire, some wild-eyed creature with three heads and a bad case of halitosis was trying to eat the drummer, and the bartender just got all furry. What’s a girl gotta do to get a little privacy? Seriously, who did she have to kill to get five minutes with the first guy to put the bow-chica in her wow-wow in at least a century?

Time to put on her big goddess panties and save the day. She didn’t know anything about that man, not even his name, but he was everything she was dreaming of. Hell, he was sex on a stick, better than a shoe sale at Macy’s and… and… well, dang it, he was a real dead ringer for love.

If you love stories about Dragons with heart, Goddesses with attitude, and whole lotta love and laughs then this one's for you. I can't wait to hear what you think of Dead Ringer for Love. XOXO, Julia

No Apollo-G Necessary by TL Reeve & Michele Ryan

He may be the god of healing, but he's never had to fix a broken heart.

Apollo Abaeus has been many things in his life, a doctor, scientist, philosopher, and a Pinkerton, but as the years have rolled on, he’s lost his zest for life. When a letter arrives six months later than it should—thanks to his conniving sister Artemis—announcing he has an eighteen-year-old son—AJ Delphi—in New Haven, Washington, he drops everything to meet the boy.

Violet Beckett leads a chaotic life. As the mother of twin teenage sons, Finn and Seth, she’s used to running a tight ship, until he shows up in her life and turns everything on its head. Apollo is attentive, gracious, and patient. He has a knack with kids and also offers to help her sons’ band.

However, Violet is missing something. She just can’t put her finger on what it might be. He’s just too good to be true or real.

When the truth comes out about who Apollo is and his connection to AJ, will Violet and Apollo’s budding relationship survive? Or will the woman he’s convinced is the one, become just a name on a long list of ex-lovers?