Soul Catchers needs your help in Kindle Scout

Help me get an Amazon publishing contract for SOUL CATCHERS

I decided to branch out and try something new, so I wrote a Young Adult book titled Soul Catchers. I would probably classify it as a dystopian fantasy with a light romantic subplot. You won't find any steamy scenes in this one, so unlike my other novels, it's appropriate for teens and tweens!

Since this is a new genre for me, I figured I'd try a new path to publishing and enter Soul Catchers into Kindle Scout.

Kindle Scout is a program where readers can nominate books, and if a book receives enough nominations, Amazon will consider giving the author a 5-year publishing contract. It's different from what I've been doing, because Amazon itself will actually be the publisher. But I need lots of people to nominate my book for them to even consider reading it.

Nominate SOUL CATCHERS for Kindle Scout

You could get a free copy!

This is where you come in...

Please CLICK HERE to go the Soul Catchers page on Kindle Scout and click the blue Nominate Me button. That's all you have to do! Just leave Soul Catchers on your nomination shelf until the campaign is over. The campaign will run for 30 days, and if it's selected for publication, you'll receive a free Kindle copy directly from Amazon. How awesome is that?

And to sweeten the deal, even if Soul Catchers isn't selected for Kindle Scout, I'll still give you a free book! You'll get a thank you message from me after the campaign is over with information on how to claim your free copy.

Now, I don't expect you blindly nominate my book, even though it really is awesome (I might be a little biased, since I wrote it!). So, here's a little bit about the book. And if you go to the Kindle Scout page, you can even read the first two chapters!

Whoever kills the wolf becomes the wolf…

Rowan Lewis shouldn't be alive. Magic is illegal, making her mere existence a crime, and if the government ever discovers the truth about her powers, she'll be killed on the spot. Or worse. But when she uses her magic to kill a wolf that's attacking her mom, her abilities are exposed and the animal’s evil spirit possesses her. Unable to control the beast inside her, she flees the city in search of a cure before the wolf spirit consumes her soul, turning her into a murderous monster permanently.

I appreciate you helping me out on this leg of my publishing journey. Without readers, I couldn't be a writer, and I am so thankful to have someone to enjoy my stories!

Thank you!


Nominate SOUL CATCHERS for Kindle Scout

You could get a free copy!

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