Author Spotlight – B.L. Olson

It’s Friday Author Spotlight time! Please join me in welcoming this week’s romance author.

B.L. Olson

Hey there, hi there, how do you do?

A huge thank you Carrie for allowing me to say hi and introduce myself!

My name is B.L. Olson, or Brit if I am not in trouble… I’m a self-proclaimed hot mess who thrives off a steady stream of coffee and pizza. I’m also a land mermaid forever swimming in the PNW rain, where I also take psychology and counseling courses.

I have written a variety of projects over the years that always varied in genre, but never anything I felt the need to be published. Not until the idea for my newly released debut novel Repercussions hit me! This is the first book in The Hot Mess Duet and features a mess of a woman who is no stranger to abuse and a broody ex-cop who is all too familiar with loss. Together, they must overcome the repercussions of their past.



Nobody just decides to be a hot mess.

I think somewhere along the way it just became who I was and I gracefully accepted the role…

I feel so utterly stuck. Unwanted by anyone I could ever see myself with and alone despite having two “roommates” who constantly hover and meddle in my life.

 There are definitely repercussions for not pushing myself to be who I want to be. When I met my new next door neighbor Wyatt, I didn’t think he would be the one to constantly challenge me. Tear me open and put me back together again in an entirely different way. The one who is dealing with his own repercussions as well…




“If you’re looking for a hot cop and a mess of a librarian then you’ve come to the right place. B.L Olson has created a lovely debut novel that will make you want to swoon and then punch something at the same time.”
– Jordan Bates, Author of Pas De Deux

“Debut Novel? No way! You’ll be uttering these same words once you’ve finished Repercussions. ”
– A.K. MacBride, Author of An Inconvenient Marriage

“Wow! What a debut novel! I am completely and fully in love with this book.”
– Mary Dean Kazen from Rabid Readers Book Blog

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Want to keep up to date on future projects? I am plugging away on Book 2 of The Hot Mess Duet, Consequences, as well as plotting various other projects in the romance and paranormal romance genres.



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Thanks so much for telling us about your book, Brit. I must say, I am intrigued!